Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to fix Joomla error ‘Strict Standards’ when using Apache Xampp 1.7 and 1.8?

Many people fear to upgrade the Apache like Xampp or AppServ, because some of their codes might need to be changed or display errors when upgrading, esp for Joomla. For Xampp version 1.7.3 and bellow there will not have any error when using with Joomla.

Currently joomla has upgrade himself to 2.5+, but there will be lots of error if you are using Xampp version 1.7.4 to 1.8.+, 'Strict Standards' error message will appears all in your page. And this is happened because of these Xampp version ship with default php that cause the PHP interpreter to choke on poor programming (let's say Joomla is) practices and deprecated language features.

To fix this you have to get into your Xampp installation folder:
1. Open php.ini (ex: D:\xampp\php)
2. Find the whole word "error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT"
then replace with this command "error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED"
3. Find the whole word "display_errors = On"
then replace with this command "display_errors = Off"
4. Restart your Apache server
5. Reload your web page
6. Done

Normally, you won’t notice this setting, in the Pre-installation Check when you installing Joomla under XAMPP, then it will warn you that the Display Errors setting is set to On when the recommended setting is Off. This is why you need to make it off, but actually it is not recommended for all.

If you want to debug other php code, you should not set it off, you can do individual joomla website by just edit the .htaccess by input the line bellow :
# supress php errors
php_flag display_startup_errors off
php_flag display_errors off
php_flag html_errors off
php_value docref_root 0
php_value docref_ext 0

** Fixing error is better than ignore error.
Source : www.Vutha.net

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JolJET Hits - The first big MP3 player for Khmer Song

Yeah it is the new playlist and MP3 player for web browsing. It is very cool and you can share your playlist via Facebook account or Twitter account.

It has more than thousand songs with oldie and new singer, with the artist categories, search in Khmer Language, add your favorite playlist, moreover this player can play in any Android or iOS device.

The new invented MP3 browser player is online.
Please visit the link bellow to get the introduction.

Help to support our khmer song by listen to it everyday and invite more people to join.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Office 2007 open excel file .xls and .xlsx take too long time

When I double click on an Excel 2003 (.xls) or 2007 (.xlsx) file in Microsoft Excel 2007 takes long time (about 30 seconds) to open the file, but I can avoid this delay by minimizing or maximizing Excel and it immediately opens the file.

This problem sometimes caused by Antivirus program when it try to scan your Excel file, but in this problem it has another problem in open the excel file. Please follow the bellow step to solve the problem.
1. Click on Start and click on Control Panel.
2. Double click on Folder Options then select File Types tab.
3. Select XLS or XlSX file type extension and click on Advanced button.
4. Highlight Open under actions and click Edit.
Then a dialog box appears after that you need to make two adjustments:
Under Application to perform action:
- At the end of the line after /e append a space character followed by “%1″(including the quotes)
- Uncheck “Use DDE”
5. Done

Source : www.vutha.net

Friday, March 11, 2011

Describe about TCP/IP Layers and Protocols

The TCP/IP model defines four categories of functions that must occur for communications to be successful. Most protocol models describe a vendor-specific protocol stack. However, because the TCP/IP model is an open standard, one company does not control the definition of the model.

TCP/IP Layer :
Application :
Represents data to the user and controls dialog. Example : DNS, Telnet, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DHCP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP
Transport :
Supports communication between diverse devices across diverse networks. Example : TCP, UDP
Internet :
Determines the best path through the network. Example : IP, ARP, ICMP
Network access :
Controls the hardware devices and media that make up the network. Example : Ethernet, Frame Relay

In coming days, we will review these protocols in more detail. For now, a brief description of the main TCP/IP protocols follows:
■ Domain Name System (DNS): Provides the IP address of a website or domain name so a
host can connect to it.
■ Telnet: Allows administrators to log in to a host from a remote location.
■ Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Post Office Protocol (POP3), and Internet
Message Access Protocol (IMAP): Used to send email messages between clients and servers.
■ Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): Assigns IP addressing to requesting
■ Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP): Used to transfer information between web clients and
web servers.
■ File Transfer Protocol (FTP): Allows the download and upload of files between an FTP
client and FTP server.
■ Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP): Used by network management systems to
monitor devices attached to the network.
■ Transmission Control Protocol (TCP): Allows virtual connections between hosts on the
network to provide reliable delivery of data.
■ User Datagram Protocol (UDP): Allows faster, unreliable delivery of data that is either
lightweight or time-sensitive.
■ Internet Protocol (IP): Provides a unique global address to computers for communicating
over the network.
■ Address Resolution Protocol (ARP): Finds a host’s hardware address when only the IP
address is known.
■ Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP): Used to send error and control messages
including reachability to another host and availability of services.
■ Ethernet: The most popular LAN standard for framing and preparing data for transmission
onto the media.
■ Frame Relay: Also a framing standard; one of the most cost-effective WAN technologies
used to connect LANs.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to beat the Keyloggers to keep safe from password hacking?

My computer is already protected with antivirus program. I know I am probably safe, but just worry about the keyloggers and because of this, I have a list in a text file of about ten passwords for programs, email, networking and websites.
Whenever I have to enter a password mainly for online banking, I open the text file in Notepad and copy and paste to the relevant password. Am I being too clever for my own good or is this a good idea?

Answer : It’s not a bad idea, but it won’t protect you from everything. Some keyloggers directly snoop on the letters pressed on the keyboard, and your method will protect you from those; in much the same way, a password manage, such as the one built into the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers, will do the same thing.
However, more sophisticated malicious software will take note of any text that’s placed in forms whether that’s by typing or by copying and pasting or if it’s automatically put there by a password manager.
We’ve also heard of malicious software that takes a screen grab every time a mouse button is pressed, making onscreen keyboards no more secure.... Read more..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to recover the PDF password security?

If you are looking for a free PDF Password Remover or Recovery tool then you have come to the right place. PDF is a popular and widely used format to publish ebooks and prepare professional documents.

How To Remove PDF Password?

In PDF documents, password restriction can be applied in two ways. One is by restricting a few functions like printing, copying or modifying the PDF document. The other way is to password protect it in a manner that might prevent you from accessing or opening the PDF file.

Freeware PDF Unlocker is a free PDF Password remover tool that can help you in the above situations.To remove the first type of restrictions, simply drag your PDF document onto a shortcut on your desktop or alternatively onto the PDF Unlocker icon on your desktop. Instantly, it should remove the password and allow printing or copying & pasting the contents from the PDF document.

Please click the following links to download the Free PDF password removal tool :

Monday, November 30, 2009

Khmer Online Radio Toolbar

Hi all friends, sorry for not frequently post articles in my blog, I was a bit busy with my current work. Today I have found a good toolbar for you to install in any browser Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Now you can listen to all Khmer Speaking International Breaking News by just install the Add-On toolbar. The Most Khmer Online Radio in the list are:
  1. VOA (Voice of America) (Khmer Speaking)
  2. Radio France International (RFI) (Khmer Speaking)
  3. Radio Free Asia (RFA) (Khmer Speaking)
  4. Khmer Online Radio (Khmer Music)
  5. Radio KhmerMidi (Khmer Music)
  6. BBC world service and news.

Click here to download Khmer Online Radio

Also in my customized toolbar you also can search any keyword from google search engine, play online game, watch online television, online chat room, twitter follower, email notifier, view weather as well as watch Chelsea (my favorite football team) YouTube video.

Click Download by browser :
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Cellar Heat

The Cellar Heat WordPress theme was created by Evan Eckard for Smashing Magazine. It has been ported to blogger by MagzNetwork.
Cellar Heat Blogger Template, It seems like blogger templates are getting quite unique with this very interesting template that can showcase a humongous amount of content on the home page all thanks to Magznetwork.com

This template has the main column divided into three columns where each column is capable of holding a post summary with a readmore link to read the whole post. There is a sidebar on the right hand side that is fairly simple and at the bottom of it is a three column section in the footer.
Cellar Heat Blogger Template Footer

The blog title and description find themselves in a small section that spans the width of the blog and ends with a search bar on the right. Above the blog title are a set of links that can be used and modified to navigate the blog.

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Gray Hat

Four column templates are not really easy to find for blogger, so when you come across a four column made by someone who's from your hometown Goa. Created a four column template for download it makes it a rather strange coincidence.Kubrick Four Column Blogger Template
This template is based of the Kubrick blogger template and is rather simple, its creator Derek Cordeiro has mentioned that it might not be perfect but and may have a couple of bugs, but if you take a look at the demo, it works flawlessly.

A four column template is recommended for a blog that has a lot of content to showcase, if you are not sure if you would require so many columns I suggest you look for a well made three column template instead.

Although with a bit of customization, especially the header image this template will manage your blog space quite well. The date script has been picked up from Jack Book so the same time stamp format changes need to be done.

Overall its a nice clear cut template that needs a header image that would suit it.

Blogger Tempate 2 Columns - Grungy

Grungy is an artistic new Blogger template with a nice look. It’s got aqua blue and white for it’s primary colors and the icons throughout the template are somewhat smeared to give you that grunge look (hence the name of this template).

It’s a two column template with all the usual goodies like recent comments and recent posts widgets, link list, two ad spaces which come pre-installed with Text Link Ads and Niche Store. Both ads disappear once you replace the html widget with anything if you don’t want to use them.

Feel free to modify this template but all we ask is to please keep the footer links intact since the original author spent a lot of his personal time creating this template for you. Thanks to Blog Mundi for converting this nice template and providing it for free!