Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Most wonderful online game in Cambodia

JX2 Online Game is the most favorite game in Cambodia now, there are thousand of players online everyday and fight for their reputation and level.

JX2 is a persistent multiplayer online world, that is evolving 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is being shaped by an active community of several thousand players.

The story of JX2 is based on Chinese legends from times past, when China was young and the Kingdoms of Song and Liao fought legendary wars.

JX2 has been launched in Cambodia by CIDC-IT in January of 2008 under its brand Sabay, a online entertainment company aiming to develop the local content market in Cambodia.

Since then JX2 has rapidly gained market share in the gaming community in Cambodia and recently we have celebrated 1000 concurrent players online at the same time in JX2.

The game of JX2 is based around several gaming elements that make for fascinating and enjoyable game play, such as:

* extensive mission system, that test players ability to solve puzzles learn new skills and solve complex task
* player vs player game with emphasize on team play
* living skills, game play that supports other players in JX2 by giving players the option to produce items needed by others in the game and to sell them in an open market environments
* weapons skills that base fighting ability on a learning experience that each player must master
* massive multiplayer in-game events with up to 400 participants

Sabay is currently deploying the game in internet cafes and game centers around Phnom Penh and is making the game available to players at home. If you like to join the world of JX2 please have a look at our Help section in our WWW site to get you started.

Click this link to download full JX2 online game!


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