Monday, November 30, 2009

Khmer Online Radio Toolbar

Hi all friends, sorry for not frequently post articles in my blog, I was a bit busy with my current work. Today I have found a good toolbar for you to install in any browser Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Now you can listen to all Khmer Speaking International Breaking News by just install the Add-On toolbar. The Most Khmer Online Radio in the list are:
  1. VOA (Voice of America) (Khmer Speaking)
  2. Radio France International (RFI) (Khmer Speaking)
  3. Radio Free Asia (RFA) (Khmer Speaking)
  4. Khmer Online Radio (Khmer Music)
  5. Radio KhmerMidi (Khmer Music)
  6. BBC world service and news.

Click here to download Khmer Online Radio

Also in my customized toolbar you also can search any keyword from google search engine, play online game, watch online television, online chat room, twitter follower, email notifier, view weather as well as watch Chelsea (my favorite football team) YouTube video.

Click Download by browser :
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Cellar Heat

The Cellar Heat WordPress theme was created by Evan Eckard for Smashing Magazine. It has been ported to blogger by MagzNetwork.
Cellar Heat Blogger Template, It seems like blogger templates are getting quite unique with this very interesting template that can showcase a humongous amount of content on the home page all thanks to

This template has the main column divided into three columns where each column is capable of holding a post summary with a readmore link to read the whole post. There is a sidebar on the right hand side that is fairly simple and at the bottom of it is a three column section in the footer.
Cellar Heat Blogger Template Footer

The blog title and description find themselves in a small section that spans the width of the blog and ends with a search bar on the right. Above the blog title are a set of links that can be used and modified to navigate the blog.

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Gray Hat

Four column templates are not really easy to find for blogger, so when you come across a four column made by someone who's from your hometown Goa. Created a four column template for download it makes it a rather strange coincidence.Kubrick Four Column Blogger Template
This template is based of the Kubrick blogger template and is rather simple, its creator Derek Cordeiro has mentioned that it might not be perfect but and may have a couple of bugs, but if you take a look at the demo, it works flawlessly.

A four column template is recommended for a blog that has a lot of content to showcase, if you are not sure if you would require so many columns I suggest you look for a well made three column template instead.

Although with a bit of customization, especially the header image this template will manage your blog space quite well. The date script has been picked up from Jack Book so the same time stamp format changes need to be done.

Overall its a nice clear cut template that needs a header image that would suit it.

Blogger Tempate 2 Columns - Grungy

Grungy is an artistic new Blogger template with a nice look. It’s got aqua blue and white for it’s primary colors and the icons throughout the template are somewhat smeared to give you that grunge look (hence the name of this template).

It’s a two column template with all the usual goodies like recent comments and recent posts widgets, link list, two ad spaces which come pre-installed with Text Link Ads and Niche Store. Both ads disappear once you replace the html widget with anything if you don’t want to use them.

Feel free to modify this template but all we ask is to please keep the footer links intact since the original author spent a lot of his personal time creating this template for you. Thanks to Blog Mundi for converting this nice template and providing it for free!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wordpress Template - 4 columns - B Magazine

Magazine templates always fascinate me, today's template makes me filled with joy, a premium magazine template built for blogger and not ported from wordpress like the Zinmag series. The Bmagazine premium blogger template has been built by a fellow countryman Nitesh Kothari.
Bmagazine premium blogger template
Its a difficult template to describe and by far the most feature rich template that I have come across for blogger. Nitesh has done a massive job, he also uses this template for his own website.

A small section above the blog title makes way for a date display, a single line to update your visitor list, a RSS subscribe for comments and post, a neat bunch of Home, About, Contact etc links with nice icons.