Monday, November 30, 2009

Khmer Online Radio Toolbar

Hi all friends, sorry for not frequently post articles in my blog, I was a bit busy with my current work. Today I have found a good toolbar for you to install in any browser Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Now you can listen to all Khmer Speaking International Breaking News by just install the Add-On toolbar. The Most Khmer Online Radio in the list are:
  1. VOA (Voice of America) (Khmer Speaking)
  2. Radio France International (RFI) (Khmer Speaking)
  3. Radio Free Asia (RFA) (Khmer Speaking)
  4. Khmer Online Radio (Khmer Music)
  5. Radio KhmerMidi (Khmer Music)
  6. BBC world service and news.

Click here to download Khmer Online Radio

Also in my customized toolbar you also can search any keyword from google search engine, play online game, watch online television, online chat room, twitter follower, email notifier, view weather as well as watch Chelsea (my favorite football team) YouTube video.

Click Download by browser :
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Cellar Heat

The Cellar Heat WordPress theme was created by Evan Eckard for Smashing Magazine. It has been ported to blogger by MagzNetwork.
Cellar Heat Blogger Template, It seems like blogger templates are getting quite unique with this very interesting template that can showcase a humongous amount of content on the home page all thanks to

This template has the main column divided into three columns where each column is capable of holding a post summary with a readmore link to read the whole post. There is a sidebar on the right hand side that is fairly simple and at the bottom of it is a three column section in the footer.
Cellar Heat Blogger Template Footer

The blog title and description find themselves in a small section that spans the width of the blog and ends with a search bar on the right. Above the blog title are a set of links that can be used and modified to navigate the blog.

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Gray Hat

Four column templates are not really easy to find for blogger, so when you come across a four column made by someone who's from your hometown Goa. Created a four column template for download it makes it a rather strange coincidence.Kubrick Four Column Blogger Template
This template is based of the Kubrick blogger template and is rather simple, its creator Derek Cordeiro has mentioned that it might not be perfect but and may have a couple of bugs, but if you take a look at the demo, it works flawlessly.

A four column template is recommended for a blog that has a lot of content to showcase, if you are not sure if you would require so many columns I suggest you look for a well made three column template instead.

Although with a bit of customization, especially the header image this template will manage your blog space quite well. The date script has been picked up from Jack Book so the same time stamp format changes need to be done.

Overall its a nice clear cut template that needs a header image that would suit it.

Blogger Tempate 2 Columns - Grungy

Grungy is an artistic new Blogger template with a nice look. It’s got aqua blue and white for it’s primary colors and the icons throughout the template are somewhat smeared to give you that grunge look (hence the name of this template).

It’s a two column template with all the usual goodies like recent comments and recent posts widgets, link list, two ad spaces which come pre-installed with Text Link Ads and Niche Store. Both ads disappear once you replace the html widget with anything if you don’t want to use them.

Feel free to modify this template but all we ask is to please keep the footer links intact since the original author spent a lot of his personal time creating this template for you. Thanks to Blog Mundi for converting this nice template and providing it for free!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wordpress Template - 4 columns - B Magazine

Magazine templates always fascinate me, today's template makes me filled with joy, a premium magazine template built for blogger and not ported from wordpress like the Zinmag series. The Bmagazine premium blogger template has been built by a fellow countryman Nitesh Kothari.
Bmagazine premium blogger template
Its a difficult template to describe and by far the most feature rich template that I have come across for blogger. Nitesh has done a massive job, he also uses this template for his own website.

A small section above the blog title makes way for a date display, a single line to update your visitor list, a RSS subscribe for comments and post, a neat bunch of Home, About, Contact etc links with nice icons.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blogger Tempate 2 Columns - Digital Statement

The Digital Statement blogger theme is an original design created by Blog Oh Blog! for wordpress and converted to blogger by labofweb.

Digital Statement Blogger Theme
To add to the bandwagon of fully functional magazine style themes here comes a digital statement that has quite a bit to add to the blogger platform. The template starts off like no other, a browse archive link is located at the top right hand side corner while the top left holds the date.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love property than child or ខឹងខុស ខឹងខូច ខឹងខាត

I just got email from my friend, and attached with this bellow story, I think it is a good story for sharing to you all about this experience. And i think the title we can say ខឹងខុស ខឹងខូច ខឹងខាត

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wordpress Template - 3 columns - ZuraVista

This is a free premium wordpress template, and i think this template will make your site more popular and attractive. Please feel free to use this wordpress theme.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: មានទ្រព្យគាប់គ្រាន់បើ តែពុំស្មើនឹងវិជ្ជា

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

2. អប់រំ និងចំណេះដឹង (Education and Knowledge)

Khmer word :មានទ្រព្យគាប់គ្រាន់បើ តែពុំស្មើនឹងវិជ្ជា

Khmer spelling : (mean troap koab' kroan' baeu, tae pum smaeu nung vijea)

English by Khmer: (have riches right enough maybe, but not equal with knowledge)

English Description: To possess wealth is good, but it is not worth more than possessing knowledge.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: កុំពុតស្រឡៅ កុំប្រដៅស្រីខូច

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

2. អប់រំ និងចំណេះដឹង (Education and Knowledge)

Khmer word :កុំពុតស្រឡៅ កុំប្រដៅស្រីខូច

Khmer spelling : (kom put' srorlao kom prordao srey khoch)

English by Khmer: (don't bend srolao, don't educate woman vile)

English Description: Don't bend srorlao wood, don't educate a prostitute. It is not in Cambodia that 'sayings' sometimes carry prejudices. This one thus; at the same time self-righteous and patronizing, sound especially cynical when considering that visiting a prostitute belongs to the most admitted masculine habits.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: ចង់ចេះឲ្យសម្លាប់អាចារ្យ ចង់បានផ្លែផ្កា ឲ្យយកភ្លើងដុតគល់

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

2. អប់រំ និងចំណេះដឹង (Education and Knowledge)

Khmer word : ចង់ចេះឲ្យសម្លាប់អាចារ្យ ចង់បានផ្លែផ្កា ឲ្យយកភ្លើងដុតគល់

Khmer spelling : (jang' jeh' aoy samlab' ajar, jang' ban phlaé pkar aoy yok phleung dot kol')

English by Khmer: (want know how let kill teacher, want obtain fruit flourish let need fire burn base)

English Description: If you want to learn, kill the master, if you want the fruits, burn the foot of the tree. This seemingly paradoxical assertion actually means that the student should outperform his master. The boldness of this saying probably scared Pannetier who preferred to translate: if you want to learn, win the affection of your master.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Gamezine White Lite

We earlier had put up the Gamezine template for blogspot that was converted by Cahaya Biru and designed for wordpress by Jinsona. Today's Gamezine Lite and White theme is a rework on the blogger Gamezine template by Cahaya.

Gamezine in White and Lite
The template structure, layout and elements like the sliders, gliders for featured posts are exactly the same as the original gamezine theme. Nothing has changed except the color of the template.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Project 10 to the 100 Vote for The Change

Please vote for the change, maybe one of your vote can help the world change. This is what google says.

Why this project?

Never in history have so many people had so much information, so many tools at their disposal, so many ways of making good ideas come to life. Yet at the same time, so many people, of all walks of life, could use so much help, in both little ways and big.

In the midst of this, new studies are reinforcing the simple wisdom that beyond a certain very basic level of material wealth, the only thing that increases individual happiness over time is helping other people.

In other words, helping helps everybody, helper and helped alike.

The question is: what would help? And help most?

At Google, we don't believe we have the answers, but we do believe the answers are out there. Maybe in a lab, or a company, or a university -- but maybe not.

Maybe the answer that helps somebody is in your head, in something you've observed, some notion that you've been fiddling with, some small connection you've noticed, some old thing you have seen with new eyes.

We've narrowed 154,000 submissions down to 16 top ideas. Which ones should we make real? Cast your vote, and help us change the world.

And may those who help the most win.

Click Here To Vote Now!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogger Tempate 3 Columns - Girly Magz

Girly Magazine Blogger Template is created by Bie and the Girl Vector image designed by Ipietoon. Its a girly theme that can be used for shopping, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. Girly Magazine Blogger Template

Girly Magazine is a 3 column template embedded with useful features. The theme comes with dual navigation bar, each above and below the header. The first menu bar can be used for the standard links like Home, About, Contact and it also includes the RSS icon for your readers to subscribe to the blog.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Blogger Tempate 3 Columns - Girly Nature

Girly Nature is developed by Template Lite and brought to blogger by Deluxe Templates. Girly Nature Blogger Template

The 3 column template has a sparkling header with the blue sky, bubbles, origami work and flowery design in the footer. The blog title and description appears on the same background. While the main column starts with the date stamp and other post details like author, timestamp, comments and labels are placed in a box at the bottom of the post.

The sidebar is interesting starting with the RSS icon, it has a nice mirror effect and below that is the search option perfectly shown with a picture of binoculars. After this you can add blogger widgets of your choice and each category comes in a dialogue box.

Blogger Tempate 3 Columns - Hybrid News

Hybrid News is the original magazine-style theme designed by Free Blogger Template. The 3 column template is packed with lot of features to facilitate display of your top content. Hybrid News Blogger Theme

Hybrid News comes with a dual menu bar, each above and below the header image. Adjacent to the first navigation bar is an internal search box, while the header also contains ad space on the right. There is a slider section to display your latest posts, with a brief about your post and an image. Since the slider script uses Atom feed, it will automatically update the slider content.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: បួសដោយ​វត្ត ចិត្ត​ដោយ​ខ្លួន

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

1. សីលធម៌​ និង សាសនា (Moral and Religion Khmer Saying)

Khmer word : បួសដោយ​វត្ត ចិត្ត​ដោយ​ខ្លួន

Khmer spelling : (Buos daoy wat, jet daoy khluon)

English by Khmer: (becoming a monk obeys pagoda, heart obeys self)

English Description: Ordination following the pagoda; feelings following one's self. Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: កាលដែលឈឺធ្ងន់ យកដំរីទៅបន់​ ដល់​ជម្ងឺ​ស្រន់​ យកពង​មាន់​ទៅ​ថ្វាយ

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

1. សីលធម៌​ និង សាសនា (Moral and Religion Khmer Saying)

Khmer word : កាលដែលឈឺធ្ងន់ យកដំរីទៅបន់​ ដល់​ជម្ងឺ​ស្រន់​ យកពង​មាន់​ទៅ​ថ្វាយ

Khmer spelling : (kal dael chheu thgnun yok damrey tov bron', dorl' jumngeu srorn' yok pong moan tov thvay)

English by Khmer: (time that sick serious take elephant go to pray for, when illness lessen take eggs chicken go for offering)

English Description: You are seriously ill and you promise to offer an elephant, as soon as you recover, it's only an egg. By the way, what happens with your offering? As a rule it belongs to the persons living in the place of offering - house or pagoda - but nobody would dare to take from it as long as the incense sticks accompanying it are still burning.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to remove blogger toolbar in my blog

Here is another trick to take out your blogger toolbar in order to make your blogspot like the real own hosting domain. The following is just simple way and easy to all blogspot users to take the blospot toolbar.

Copy and paste a few lines of the CSS code bellow the CDATA

Please visit

How to remove blogger icon on my address bar

Hi all blogspot crews, sometimes you feel like boring to see the blogger icon in your web blog. So now i would like to share with you about how to remove the blogger icon. It is single line to remove the blogspot icon for your blog. Please copy and paste the follow line to into your blog HTML code.
under Title tag paste the link bellow:

Please visit

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wordpress Template - 2 columns - Box Tube

The Box Tube WordPress theme was designed for bloggers focused on producing content involving technology, mobile, or gadget blogs. Aesthetically, the theme is extremely appealing as it features CSS-styled images, contrasting colors, and an overall clean look.

There is also plenty of room for adding ads if you wish to magnetize your blog. The space is large enough to accommodate 250px banner ads or four to six 125×125px “box” ads. Social bookmarking links have been ingenuously built into the footer of each post.

Wordpress Template - 3 columns - OnlineCasino

Wow this is a great Wordpress Template for any casino website. You can use wordpress theme as your webblog to show games and other events for casino website.
Please feel free to download and use it for you website.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogger Tempate 2 Columns - Vinery

If vines are something you adore, then this template is for you. It’s a nicely styled blog template with green vines crawling up the sides of the screen.

This is a two column XML layout designed for use with the newest version of Blogger. It?s a fixed width and will fit perfectly on an 800×600 screen size and also works on wider screens as well. It has a permanent RSS Feed link in the heading.

To install just download the .zip file and unpack it, then copy and paste the contents into your HTML editor. This theme is ready to go!

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Daily Planet

Daily Planet A
There are a few differences between the two templates lets take a look at these first. The Daily Planet A is a direct conversion from the wordpress theme. This means it comes complete with mini posts on the home page with auto read more. While B is a simpler version that does not have the read more and has full posts on the home page.

Apart from this both these templates come complete with all the features of a premium template. It starts off with a header that you can easily change, under that is a navigation menu. Then the featured post section, the stories from this spot are also displayed in the sidebar.

Under the posts section is a tabbed widget that allows you to showcase quite a bit of content. This section ends with a division of the main column into three sections. While the sidebar also has a tab section under the search bar which is placed after the featured posts.

Daily Planet B

The sidebar then splits up into two columns, making this an extremely functional magazine style design for your blogspot blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Not Magazine

Not Magazine blogger template is an innovative creation of Cebong Ipiet. Its a 4 column template that becomes 3 column on entering a post. Its a wonderful feature as it gives more space for your post. Not Magazine Blogger Template, I am not sure why owner choose this name, gives ample space to display your content. Let's begin with the menu bar on top that also contains a search box. That's followed by the header, there is space to put your banner ad next to the blog title and description, and below it too there is a thin strip provided to embed a 728x15 adsense ad.

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Beauty Blog

Beauty Blog Template is another incredibly designed theme by Templates Novo Blogger. The 4 column template has a neat layout and is ideal for a beauty, lifestyle, fashion and people blog.

I really liked the colour scheme of Beauty Blog template, shades of pink, blue and white blend well to give it a pretty look. The header has an image on the right, which can be customised if you know bit of Photoshop, below that is a horizontal menu to display your sections. You can add your blog sections from Layout-Page Elements and click on edit link list.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another BarCamp Phnom Penh is nearly began on 3-4 October 2009

Last year (2008), I visited BarCamp Phnom Penh which was held at Cambodia-Japan for Cooperation Center (CJCC). There are more than 200 people registered to attend the day-long unreferenced; and about 300 people showed up physically at the event. BarCamp Phnom Penh attracted so many amazing BarCampers, including those from neighboring countries; and the presenters helped making the day so lively. I really interested in the event, and very excited of every new technology and open source feature during the presentation.

And now another BarCamp is nearly begin, the date is on 3-4 October 2009. Please hurry to register and enjoy the event together. You can meet me there ;-)

What is BarCamp Phnom Penh 2?
BarCamp Phnom Penh is an international, innovative, and open technology conference. It’s for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. This two-day gathering at Paññasastra University of Cambodia (PUC) is aimed at computer enthusiasts, Internet users, technologists, entrepreneurs, digital journalists, web developers and netizens to share and learn all things technology in a very open and democratic environment.

And what is this BarCamp all about?
As defined by Wikipedia, BarCamp is:
“…an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.”

The following pictures are some events during the previous BarCamp's day.

17-years-old highschooler hailed for developing Linux-based operating sytem: moonOS. Taken by : Limbiz

From One Laptop Per Child (the US$100 machine) to newly invented Amazon Kindle put on show at BarCamp Phnom Penh last year. Taken by thomaswanhoff

A gathering of Cambodia’s technocrats: BarCamp Phnom Penh ‘08 in picture. Taken by Limbiz

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: សីលជាស្ពាន ទានជាស្បៀង

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

1. សីលធម៌​ និង សាសនា (Moral and Religion Khmer Saying)

Khmer word : សីលជាស្ពាន ទានជាស្បៀង

Khmer spelling : (sel jea spean,  tean jea sbeang)

English by Khmer: (moral is like bridge, alms is like food)

English Description: Morals are the bridge, alms are the food. Through the rhyme speam-sbeang we have here a short lesson in Buddhism that attaches great importance to the merits we accumulate for our future life; they are the bridge that facilitates the passage from one life to the other. The term sbeang means food provision and also merits, bringing future enjoyment as the reward for accomplished good deeds.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: ស៊ីសាច់ដាច់មេត្តា សេពសុរាគ្មានពាក្យទៀង

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

1. សីលធម៌​ និង សាសនា (Moral and Religion Khmer Saying)

Khmer word : ស៊ីសាច់ដាច់មេត្តា សេពសុរាគ្មានពាក្យទៀង

Khmer spelling : (si sach dach méta sép sora khmean peak teang)

English by Khmer: (eat meat separated from loving kindness, drink alcohol not have words true)

English Description: The flesh eater lacks compassion, the heavy drinker's speech lacks truthfulness.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wordpress Template - 3 columns - NewsStory

Here is another professional wordpress template with 3 columns, it is a good looking template and good CSS design.

If your template look more attractive, i think there will be more visitors, and you feel like posting your articles for other to read. Just like me, when my template look awful i don't want to post anything, just now I could find the good one, so i keep posting everyday and share to all my friends and you. Please feel free to get everything you want here.

Wordpress Template - 4 columns - CMagPro

This is another free premium wordpress template with a good CSS design. Very creative and very suitable for all the articles in Magazine. The right hand side will allow you to put any ads and following by the video viewer with some good widget.

The left two columns side will appears the news with small thumbnail and some descriptions. Please feel free to download and use it for you website/blog.

Friday, September 11, 2009

HTC Magic ROM upgrade but not for my Magic

On 09-09-09 HTC Australia released the ROM Upgrade for HTC Magic, I was happy to hear that information. And i try to download the ROM Upgrade but in order to download the update you have to type your phone serial number. Then I type HT95ZKF09920 , but i got the following message:

After that I just realized that, my phone is not from Hutchison telecoms, I was wondering how HTC just release only by zone not for all HTC Magic phone?

The other thought is about iPhone update, I think this is the reason that iPhone is still on the top mobile phone, because iPhone update and iPhone App.Store always available for iPhone users.

Blogger Tempate 2 Columns - iWork

This fabulous, futuristic, and web 2.0 Blogger template is full of style and features. It’s an ideal template for someone who loves Apple’s look and or gadgets. Of course, if that it not your personality you can still download the template and use it however you like.

Some of the cool widgets this template includes are:
  • Header Tabs
  • Search Box
  • RSS Feed
  • Recent Posts
  • Recent Comments
  • AdSense
Everything works straight out of the box so no template code editing. You do have to configure some of these widgets before they will show up on your blog. To setup the recent posts and recent comments widgets please read “How to setup your recent posts/comments” article.

Blogger Tempate 2 Columns - Frozen-age

This template gets it’s chilly name from the snow covered mountain header image. It’s a nice looking new Blogger template with two columns and several sidebar widgets already built in. You get the recent comments and recent posts widget (you’ll need to enter your blog feeds in order to make it work).

It also comes installed with header tabs which need to be setup within your Blogger template layout screen. Please note, the search box will NOT be aligned properly when you first load up this template. Once you add at least one new top tab via the link list, everything will show up properly.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: ដឹងថាខ្លួនល្ងង់ គង់នឹងមានប្រាជ្ញា

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

2. អប់រំ និងចំណេះដឹង (Education and Knowledge)

Khmer word : ដឹងថាខ្លួនល្ងង់ គង់នឹងមានប្រាជ្ញា

Khmer spelling : (deung tha khluon lngong' kong neung mean prachgna)

English by Khmer: (know that oneself ignorant sure about have intelligence)

English Description: If you know you are ignorant, you are full of wisdom. This insight belong to the traditional Chinese treasure of wisdom, which is meanwhile also part of the Western culture. But kong' also means surely, which is sometimes used to express the idea of the future. So the Khmer assertion expresses the long journey that still needs to be accomplished before it proves to be true.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Google Gears allows you to read RSS feed offline

Google gears is just another google application tool to make you much more faster for web browsing, and also allow all RSS feed readers to read the articles offline, as the Gears will download all RSS feed. Gears is an open source project that enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web browser:
Desktop Let web applications interact naturally with your desktop
Database Store data locally in a fully-searchable database
WorkerPool Run JavaScript in the background to improve performance
 System requirements

* Windows XP/Vista
* Firefox 1.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+

* Linux (details)
* Firefox 1.5+
* 32-bit OS (64-bit not supported)

* Mac OS X 10.4+, G4+/Intel CPU
* Firefox 1.5+

* Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.3+ or Tiger 10.4.11+, G4+/Intel CPU
* Safari 3.1.1+

* Windows Mobile 5+ (details)
* Internet Explorer Mobile 4.01+

* Windows Mobile 6 touchscreen devices (details)
* Opera Mobile 9.51 (Presto build 2.1.0+)

* Android 1.0 device or emulator

Gears is available for Windows, Windows Mobile (IE Mobile, Opera Mobile), Mac (Firefox, Safari), Linux and Android.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HTC Magic - beside Android Market there is still SlideME

Hi all Android users, I used to find many ways to download application and game for my Android phone, HTC magic, because of Android Market is not available for most of the countries and phones, so my phone doesn't have Android Market installed. 

Android Market is the application like App.Store in iPhone that allow you to download and buy applications or games from the store. But the most disadvantage of some Android phones is the Android Market is not pre-installed in some countries, including my country, Cambodia. And there is no way to install the android market, as google says it is not yet able to download. Even the HTC brand office in Phnom Penh, they didn't know how to get the android software application or game. Sic!!! Without any applications or games my HTC magic is like a rubbish, only two days after buying it, I planned to sell it out, cos i cannot hold a rubbish in my pocket.

But in the third day, I found a application (there is a bookmark on my phone browser to link to this site) that is likely to the Android Market is SlideME, you have to open this browser link in your phone and click on the SAM v2.9 or just download from your computer and copy to install on the phone. It just released the new version is 2.9, and with SlideME, I think my phone is worth to buy.

I have downloaded many free applications and game for my phone:
  1. Facebook
  2. GPS status
  3. YouTube
  4. AndNav2! (allow you to view map and your GPS location when you travelling)
  5. OI File Manager
  6. SocailDROID (twitter service)
  7. NewsRob (allow you to download all google reader article and view offline reading)
  8. WordMate (dictionary for English, Computer, Chinese, World, Thai....)
  9. ............ many more

Big Promotion for Cambodia Mobile Networks

If you ask a question how many mobile networks are in Cambodia now, and what are those area code? Many people cannot answer those question, because there are too many too remember them well. Just for this year (2009), there are 9 mobile networks in Cambodia. Each company try to make their promotion to compete each other. The following is the mobile network company and their promotion for 2009.
Please see some of the promotions poster of each company:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wordpress Template - 2 columns - Arthemia

Arthemia is a new free WordPress theme which is a great starter theme. It will take some time configuring all the features but any quality theme usually does. I personally haven’t downloaded it yet but just from viewing the demo, it seems solid. The author also provides a premium series of Arthemia which top-notch, very functional and colorful for a premium WordPress theme. This free version is nice but if you really want to step up your blog, it’s worth buying the premium Arthemia theme.

Wordpress Template - 3 columns - Lightbreaker

Here’s another great make money online WordPress theme. It’s actually new favorite non-magazine theme. It can help your blog by increasing the daily adsense earnings just by installing and configuring this theme. It’s very well written and all the adsense blocks are already setup. You just need to go into one includes file and change the adsense publishers id to yours.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Joomla Tempate 2 Columns - Blog Camp

Hello my friend, you might think Joomla CMS is very great tool to design the website, and look for a great template for your website too.
So please take a look on this template. Hope you like it man ;-)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blogger Tempate 3 Columns - wp-premium

This Blogspot template includes all the features of the original WordPress theme (even the javascript side bar tabs!) and all you need to do is configure them.

Features include:

    * RSS feed
    * Feedburner subscribe to email
    * Three 125×125 ad spots
    * Dynamically created header tabs
    * Search bar
    * Very cool sidebar tab switching without the page reloading (Never used on a Blogger template before!)
    * Recent comments and posts widgets
    * Topics and Blogroll widgets
    * Footer link widget

Blogger Tempate 3 Columns - wp-polaroid

This template is very popular with WordPress users and for good reason. It’s stylish, nicely laid out, and very web 2.0. Not only that, it’s also got the following sidebar page elements built in. You just need to configure them (follow the directions below) in order for them to work properly.

    * Flickr photo slideshow area where you can display your personal or random pictures
    * Mybloglog recent blog readers section (you’ll need a mybloglog account)
    * Three 125×125 ad spots to help you make money from your blog
    * Recent posts list
    * Recent comments list
    * Two sidebar link lists
    * Page navigation links in the header
    * RSS feeds for your posts and comments
    * A header spot to display your personal photo

Blogger Tempate 3 Columns - Simpress

I’m excited to announce that sIMPRESS 2.0 for Blogger is now available. This is a nice web 2.0 Blogger template with several cool features. First off, it’s got tabs across the top so you can customize and add new ones as you please. Next, it’s a fluid width template which means it stretches when you expand your browser. It also has a cool date function that shows the day and month for each post. It’s using a javascript formatting function to handle this which you don’t need to worry about. There is also a search box built in but you’ll have to wire it up for it to work properly.

Blogger Tempate 3 Columns - Passionduo

This template includes several popular ad formats for your blog. You get a 468 x 60 banner spot in the header, six 125 x 125 banner spots in the right sidebar, and plenty of other sidebar spots for skyscraper banners.

We’ve also included our popular sidebar widgets such as Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and the cool Feedjit (real time visitor widget). Just paste in your blog rss feed urls into the Recent Posts & Comments widgets and they’ll start working

Passionduo Red
Mirror Download (server2)

Passionduo Blue

Mirror Download (server2) 

Passionduo Green