Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogger Tempate 4 Columns - Daily Planet

Daily Planet A
There are a few differences between the two templates lets take a look at these first. The Daily Planet A is a direct conversion from the wordpress theme. This means it comes complete with mini posts on the home page with auto read more. While B is a simpler version that does not have the read more and has full posts on the home page.

Apart from this both these templates come complete with all the features of a premium template. It starts off with a header that you can easily change, under that is a navigation menu. Then the featured post section, the stories from this spot are also displayed in the sidebar.

Under the posts section is a tabbed widget that allows you to showcase quite a bit of content. This section ends with a division of the main column into three sections. While the sidebar also has a tab section under the search bar which is placed after the featured posts.

Daily Planet B

The sidebar then splits up into two columns, making this an extremely functional magazine style design for your blogspot blog.

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