Sunday, September 13, 2009

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: ស៊ីសាច់ដាច់មេត្តា សេពសុរាគ្មានពាក្យទៀង

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

1. សីលធម៌​ និង សាសនា (Moral and Religion Khmer Saying)

Khmer word : ស៊ីសាច់ដាច់មេត្តា សេពសុរាគ្មានពាក្យទៀង

Khmer spelling : (si sach dach méta sép sora khmean peak teang)

English by Khmer: (eat meat separated from loving kindness, drink alcohol not have words true)

English Description: The flesh eater lacks compassion, the heavy drinker's speech lacks truthfulness.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

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