Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HTC Magic - beside Android Market there is still SlideME

Hi all Android users, I used to find many ways to download application and game for my Android phone, HTC magic, because of Android Market is not available for most of the countries and phones, so my phone doesn't have Android Market installed. 

Android Market is the application like App.Store in iPhone that allow you to download and buy applications or games from the store. But the most disadvantage of some Android phones is the Android Market is not pre-installed in some countries, including my country, Cambodia. And there is no way to install the android market, as google says it is not yet able to download. Even the HTC brand office in Phnom Penh, they didn't know how to get the android software application or game. Sic!!! Without any applications or games my HTC magic is like a rubbish, only two days after buying it, I planned to sell it out, cos i cannot hold a rubbish in my pocket.

But in the third day, I found a application (there is a bookmark on my phone browser to link to this site) that is likely to the Android Market is SlideME, you have to open this browser link in your phone and click on the SAM v2.9 or just download from your computer and copy to install on the phone. It just released the new version is 2.9, and with SlideME, I think my phone is worth to buy.

I have downloaded many free applications and game for my phone:
  1. Facebook
  2. GPS status
  3. YouTube
  4. AndNav2! (allow you to view map and your GPS location when you travelling)
  5. OI File Manager
  6. SocailDROID (twitter service)
  7. NewsRob (allow you to download all google reader article and view offline reading)
  8. WordMate (dictionary for English, Computer, Chinese, World, Thai....)
  9. ............ many more


  1. hahaha lucky you, and thanks for sharing

  2. We are working hard to get more content at SlideME. We'd also be interested if there are any local Android developers in Cambodia that would be interested in stocking applications to SlideME.

    I'd imagine the Cambodian Android developer community is fairly small right now; we can assist by giving visibility to locally written apps, or if there are translators who are willing to donate time, we could create a Cambodian version of our portal. Setting up a new portal instance for us is fairly easy.

    So let us know if there is anything we can do help out the local Android community.

  3. Hi Shane Isbell; thank you very much for posting comments in here, and let us know that the Cambodian people have chance to develop their own local android application.

    Yeah you are right, there is not much android users in Cambodia, and I can assume there is no android developer either. But I hope in the nearest future the amount will increase rapidly, if they know the benefit of this open source.

    I would say thank you if you can setup a Cambodia version in your portal, I would spend my time and ask some of my friends to integrate this system. And it would be nicer if there is the Cambodian language in Android.

    I already downloaded and installed the android SDK in my computer, but i think i would need some guidelines to make it work, if you could help with this it is much appreciated.

    Thanks you very much for your hard work on this community.

  4. Thanks Vutha,

    From our side, we will setup a portal instance of SlideME specific to Cambodia so we all have a base. This instance will initially be in English but as you (or friends) have time you can translate.

    Next would really be your call. We don't understand the local community and language. Basically tell us what you need. Getting in contact with other developers interested in the platform would be a great way to start.

    We can provide a version of SAM that reads only content from the Cambodian instance so that users can go to the site and get a client from the local community. Initially, I know this will be a rather small number of applications (we only had a dozen apps on our portal for a very long time). It will be a small group of users maybe even just a few developers, initially, but it's still pretty cool.

    If you wanted, you could also take existing content descriptions from the main SlideME portal and create translations of the catalog entry. We would then move that over to the Cambodian instance.

    As you mentioned, I don't think Cambodian is supported on the HTC device, but there are a lot of applications that wouldn't need much in the way of language support. So if you wanted to create an Android app, it may take some time to get up to speed, but then you can upload to SlideME (you can always delete later).

    This is likely a 12+ month effort to get things going so there is no mad rush. Just do whatever you (or your friends) have time for and have fun with it. We will provide whatever support we can.

    I'll have our portal architect, Henrique get in touch with you about the specifics of what he would need for translation.

  5. Hi,

    i'm the developer behind SocialDroid. What about the app? Do you like it?
    In a couple of days i'll release a new version....

  6. @IsBell,
    I do appreciate for your support and developers from SlideME. When you finish your setup please give me a link, I will try to spend time on translation. And please guide me some step to work on this.

    @MF TEam;
    It is a great application, I love it, don't you know the twitter status update in this blog all are sent from SocailDROID. ;-)

    Keep going up, and i really keen to see the new version.