Thursday, September 10, 2009

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: ដឹងថាខ្លួនល្ងង់ គង់នឹងមានប្រាជ្ញា

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

2. អប់រំ និងចំណេះដឹង (Education and Knowledge)

Khmer word : ដឹងថាខ្លួនល្ងង់ គង់នឹងមានប្រាជ្ញា

Khmer spelling : (deung tha khluon lngong' kong neung mean prachgna)

English by Khmer: (know that oneself ignorant sure about have intelligence)

English Description: If you know you are ignorant, you are full of wisdom. This insight belong to the traditional Chinese treasure of wisdom, which is meanwhile also part of the Western culture. But kong' also means surely, which is sometimes used to express the idea of the future. So the Khmer assertion expresses the long journey that still needs to be accomplished before it proves to be true.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

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