Monday, October 5, 2009

Khmer Saying : សុភាសិតខែ្មរ: ចង់ចេះឲ្យសម្លាប់អាចារ្យ ចង់បានផ្លែផ្កា ឲ្យយកភ្លើងដុតគល់

This is the Khmer Saying to share all Cambodian and others  with a brief explanation. You will find out all the words are useful and meaningful.

2. អប់រំ និងចំណេះដឹង (Education and Knowledge)

Khmer word : ចង់ចេះឲ្យសម្លាប់អាចារ្យ ចង់បានផ្លែផ្កា ឲ្យយកភ្លើងដុតគល់

Khmer spelling : (jang' jeh' aoy samlab' ajar, jang' ban phlaé pkar aoy yok phleung dot kol')

English by Khmer: (want know how let kill teacher, want obtain fruit flourish let need fire burn base)

English Description: If you want to learn, kill the master, if you want the fruits, burn the foot of the tree. This seemingly paradoxical assertion actually means that the student should outperform his master. The boldness of this saying probably scared Pannetier who preferred to translate: if you want to learn, win the affection of your master.

(referenced: ©2009 Khmer Community Development (Khmer Sayings)

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