Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to beat the Keyloggers to keep safe from password hacking?

My computer is already protected with antivirus program. I know I am probably safe, but just worry about the keyloggers and because of this, I have a list in a text file of about ten passwords for programs, email, networking and websites.
Whenever I have to enter a password mainly for online banking, I open the text file in Notepad and copy and paste to the relevant password. Am I being too clever for my own good or is this a good idea?

Answer : It’s not a bad idea, but it won’t protect you from everything. Some keyloggers directly snoop on the letters pressed on the keyboard, and your method will protect you from those; in much the same way, a password manage, such as the one built into the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers, will do the same thing.
However, more sophisticated malicious software will take note of any text that’s placed in forms whether that’s by typing or by copying and pasting or if it’s automatically put there by a password manager.
We’ve also heard of malicious software that takes a screen grab every time a mouse button is pressed, making onscreen keyboards no more secure.... Read more..

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