Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Office 2007 open excel file .xls and .xlsx take too long time

When I double click on an Excel 2003 (.xls) or 2007 (.xlsx) file in Microsoft Excel 2007 takes long time (about 30 seconds) to open the file, but I can avoid this delay by minimizing or maximizing Excel and it immediately opens the file.

This problem sometimes caused by Antivirus program when it try to scan your Excel file, but in this problem it has another problem in open the excel file. Please follow the bellow step to solve the problem.
1. Click on Start and click on Control Panel.
2. Double click on Folder Options then select File Types tab.
3. Select XLS or XlSX file type extension and click on Advanced button.
4. Highlight Open under actions and click Edit.
Then a dialog box appears after that you need to make two adjustments:
Under Application to perform action:
- At the end of the line after /e append a space character followed by “%1″(including the quotes)
- Uncheck “Use DDE”
5. Done

Source : www.vutha.net

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